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Spartanburg Spotlight


If you’ve landed on this website, chances are you are considering a move to Spartanburg, South Carolina. Perhaps you’re moving for work or to be closer to family. Perhaps your real destination is simply “the Upstate” and the city you land in will depend almost entirely on where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. In either case, you may be asking: Why Spartanburg?

Ask any Spartanburg native and he or she will tell you that Spartanburg is at a tipping point. Coined in the late nineteenth century from the way in which the many rail lines feeding into the city center looked like a wheel hub, “Hub City” has never been a more appropriate nickname for this storied industrial town. Once a hub for textile manufacturing, Spartanburg has since become a hotspot for international corporations, small businesses, and service-oriented nonprofits.

Spartanburg boasts a thriving arts scene, centered in the 86,000-square foot Chapman Cultural Center, Spartanburg County’s premier performing arts venue that is also home to the Spartanburg Art Museum and the Spartanburg Science Center. In the spring and autumn months, the city draws crowds to its Jazz on the Square and other outdoor concerts. Literary aficionados have a home in the locally-owned Hub City Bookshop. Spartanburg’s seven institutions of higher learning, including Wofford College and Converse College, provide both career academics and casual learners ample opportunities to discover and create new things. Outdoor adventurers will fall in love with Croft State Park, the Cottonwood Trail, and Spartanburg County’s many other hiking and biking trails, as well as its ample lakes and rivers, perfect for canoeing, kayaking, and rafting.


Even more attractive than Hub City’s thriving downtown, vibrant cultural scene, and abundant outdoor adventure grounds is its real estate market. From finely preserved historic homes to slick modern apartments and condos, Spartanburg offers a wide range of properties to fit every budget and style. In addition to a host of spaces downtown—perfect for young professionals or urban retirees—Spartanburg is home to a number of attractive, affordable communities, many of them just a short distance from downtown. What’s more, Spartanburg buyers can get the features they want for less money than in nearby Greenville. Plus, Greenville is just a stone’s throw away, so it’s easy to visit or commute!

Heard enough? Then come check out Spartanburg for yourself! Drive through one of the city’s iconic neighborhoods. Stroll along Main Street. Catch a show at the Chapman Cultural Center. Play some tag football at Croft State Park. Grab a bite at the world-famous Beacon, Wild Wing Cafe, or The Piedmont Club. And when you’re ready to buy—it won’t take long—give Rogers Brandt Settle a call!